Age Group

These classes are not designed for a particular age group, but take ability into consideration. Children should be able to demonstrate good technique for front crawl, backstroke & breaststroke. They should also be able to demonstrate some butterfly technique.

Class Structure

These sessions have 6 – 8 pupils in a class, using the full length of the pool, with the teacher on poolside.


Pupils will be taught:

  • Full technique for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly
  • To improve technique so they learn to glide through the water
  • To build stamina to go from 100m through to 2500m
  • Life-­‐saving techniques
  • Water shipment skills
  • Poolside first aid
  • Survival techniques, such as swimming with clothes on
  • To build on previously acquired skills (submerging, treading water, etc.)


• Over 12s will be eligible for the National Rescue Standard (NaRS) Cross Qualification, which is a set of three awards – Bronze, Silver & Gold. This is a Lifesaving & First Aid qualification, and teaches water safety, personal survival skills, basic life support skills, timed swimming & rescue skills. The NaRS Cross is recognised as an ideal introductory training programme for those wishing to become Pool or Beach Lifeguards

Once pupils have achieved all of the available awards & badges, some continue swimming for fitness, and can learn additional skills, such as snorkelling.


Pupils stay fit & healthy whilst learning vital aquatic survival skills & becoming competent swimmers.