Age Group

These classes start for pupils aged from about 3-­‐3 1⁄2 depending on your child’s confidence. The aim of these sessions is to provide your child with water confidence and develop basic swimming skills.

Class Structure

These sessions generally have 4 pupils in a class, using the width of the pool, with the teacher in the water with your child. Additional help may be provided with a teacher/helper for classes with small children.


Pupils will be encouraged to:

  • Submerge themselves underwater
  • Kick across the pool with woggles and floats
  • Progress to swimming with belts
  • Swim unaided

Your child will progress through the SWS Swim School awards programme at his/her own pace gaining an award for every course that he/she is enrolled on.


Most pupils achieve the 15 Metres distance award plus the relevant skills before moving to the Improvers level of swimming.