Age Group

These classes are not designed for a particular age group, but take ability into consideration. Children qualify for this group once they can swim 15m, recovering arms (high arms from crawl), and are able demonstrate 10m on their back.

Class Structure

These sessions generally begin with 4 pupils in a class, using the width of the pool, with the teacher in the water with your child.

Once pupils achieve their 50-­‐75 Metres distance awards and relevant skills awards they will advance onto 45-­‐minute lessons where they will then be taught from poolside. These classes typically have 6 pupils in a class.


Pupils will be encouraged to

  • Recover arms on both their front and back developing front crawl and backstroke swimming
  • Start developing their breaststroke technique and dolphin legs ready for the butterfly technique once they progress to advanced swimming

As well as the above swimming techniques, pupils will be taught skills in the pool to heighten their water confidence. These include:

  • Diving underwater to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool
  • Submerging through hoops
  • Learning underwater tumble-­‐turns

Your child will continue to progress though the SWS Swim School awards programme at his/her own pace gaining an award for every course they are enrolled on.


Most pupils achieve the 100 Metres distance award plus the relevant skills before moving to the Advanced level of swimming.