Do I need to book a place or can I just turn up?

You will need to book a place with us in advance.  Simply email us at info@sws-swimschool.com or get in touch with us using the contact page, and we will be able to advise you of our availability.

What should I do when I arrive for the first time?

When you arrive for your first session, simply ask to speak to the supervisor on poolside for that session.  They will be happy to help you.  You are asked to accompany your child to change in the changing rooms provided, and then return to poolside.  There is then a spectator area for parents to sit whilst the class takes place.

From what age do you take children?

Our swimming classes are normally suitable for children aged from about 3 years old.  However, we also operate a ‘Splash Class’, which introduces babies to the water from anytime after their second injections.  Please refer to the ‘Our Classes’ section of our website for further information.

How and when do I pay for the lessons?

Lessons are paid for in advance for the block of 10 weeks’ sessions.  You are welcome to pay by card, cash or cheque on poolside.

Is it possible to permanently change my child’s lesson to a different day?

We understand that days and times may become awkward as your child progresses, and will always try to be flexible in order to meet your needs.  Due to the high number of pupils however, it may take several weeks for alternative sessions to become available.

When will my child get their next badge?

Badges are awarded on the last session of each 10-week block, based on distance and/or skills achieved during that time.  Pupils are continually assessed throughout the run of sessions rather than formally tested at the end of the block.

What has my child done to achieve this particular Badge?

Please refer to the ‘Our Awards System’ page for further details on badges.  Alternatively, you can have a quick chat with the Supervisor on poolside who can explain the achievements associated with that particular badge.

When will my child move up a class?

At the end of a 10-week block, it is not unusual for the whole group to move up a class together.  Please be aware that the class may have the same teacher, but this in no way means that the group have not progressed.  If your child shows faster progress than the other children in his/her class, then they may be moved to a more advanced class during the block of 10 lessons.

Do I need to tell you if I can’t make a session?

If you are going on holidays, then it is helpful if you notify us in advance, so that we can utilise the space for catch up lessons etc.  If your child is having a one-off absence (e.g. due to illness), there is no need to let us know.  However, if it is likely to be an extended absence, again, please do notify us.

If your child has to miss a session, we do offer catch up lessons for up to 2 sessions missed within a block of 10.  Please speak to the Supervisor on poolside to arrange a date & time that is suitable to both you and us.

My child has been ill recently, should I still bring them to lessons?

We would advise parents/guardians to use their instinct, as you know your child best.  If you feel your child is ok on the day, then there is no reason for them to miss out.  If a child becomes ill during a session, the instructor will call the Supervisor, who will then notify you.  We are quite happy to monitor the situation, and for your child to return to the water should they feel better.

However, if your child has been suffering from Sickness/Diarrhoea, they must not enter the water until 48 hours after their symptoms have cleared up.  It can cause serious disruption & result in the temporary closure of the pool should the water become contaminated.

Is my child now safe in the water unaccompanied?

We never recommend that you leave your child unaccompanied in the water.  Even though your child is learning vital safety skills, remember that water is potentially dangerous, to adults as well as children, and they should therefore always be supervised.  Please ask us for a leaflet for further information on water safety.

My child is nervous; can I sit on poolside during the lesson?

As a general rule, we do not allow parents/guardians to sit on poolside.  There is a spectator area for you to sit and monitor your child’s progress.  Our staff are well experienced in dealing with children new to the water and of a nervous disposition.  We may make exceptions for the first few lessons for very anxious children while they become familiar with the pool and the routine.

Will my child always have the same teacher?

During any 10-week block, your child should continue to be taught by the same instructor.  However, where sickness or holidays are encountered it may be inevitable that a different instructor may have to take over the class.

When your child progresses into the next class, there is no guarantee that they will keep the same teacher.

Cost of a Course?

For 10 weeks of lessons the cost is £82.50.  For 10 weeks of Parent and Toddler Lessons the cost is £45.00

Directions to the Pool?

  1. Exit M4 junction 43.  Take the A465 (Merthyr Tydfil) Road.
  2. Stay on this road (dual carriage way) and exit on the slip road sign posted A4109 Seven Sisters
  3. On reaching the roundabout take the 1st Exit which doubles back on yourself
  4. You will pass under a black railway bridge
  5. The first exit on your right is to Cilfriew, take the next right though the school gates (2nd turning)
  6. Drive across the school until you come to the furthest part of the car park next to the tennis courts and demountable classrooms
  7. The entrance to the pool is up the steps/ramp opposite the tennis courts